The XRPenguins are coming!


The XRPenguins are all original NFT’s made by us. They are unique and have tons of personality. They will be minted on the XRP Ledger and aligned with RIPPLE vision. Holding any NFT from this era will be worth it for the hodlers!

We are proud to be the one of the first XRPL NFT projects. These are such early days and these are wild times so why not slide along with a XRPenguin. They are bags of fun and have some funny traits. We will wait for the XRP Ledger update to start minting. 1 $PENG token will allow you to mint two XRPenguins once the XRP Ledger updates to XLS-20D

There are 10,000 original XRPenguins

Loads of different styles, so something for everyone.

Inspired by the passion of and for the XRP Community!

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